The Seven Last Words of Christ (2020) click for video

commissioned by Calvary-St. George Episcopal Church for Good Friday, 2020

excerpts recorded by Beth Morrison Projects with Contemporaneous as part of BMP Next Gen 2021

String quintet, flute, soprano & baritone soloists, 8 voice choir

45 minutes


Vocal Chamber

Wisdom Whispers on the Wind (2021) click for video

commissioned by The Valkyrie Ensemble for the Earth Day Gaia Gala, 2021

SSA soloists, drone + organ or harmonium

7 minutes

Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta (2020) click for excerpt

graduate studies

Soprano and flute ensemble: 4 flutes, 2 alto flutes

10 minutes

Walk on the Beach (2017) click for sound

written for Mivos Quartet and Soprano at the Walden Creative Musicians Retreat, 2017

Soprano and string quartet

6 minutes

Forgiveness (2016) click for sound

Soprano and organ

4 minutes


Agnus Dei (2021) click for video

commissioned by Calvary-St. George Episcopal Church for Easter Sunday, 2021


4 minutes

Psalm 19:14 "Meditation" (2018)


6 minutes

Alleluia (2018) click for sound

Choir: SSA

1 minute


Out There Somewhere (2019)

graduate studies

Trio for trumpet, piano, & double bass

6 minutes

A Few Minutes in Church (2019)

graduate studies

Quintet for electric guitar, violin, flute, piano, & marimba

4 minutes

Mallelion (2019)

graduate studies

Percussion ensemble: almglocken, button gongs, glockenspiel, 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones

6 minutes

Together We're Separate (2019) click for video

graduate studies

Trio for violin, viola, trumpet

8 minutes



Solo Instrument

Tumultuous Introspection (2020) for solo piano

graduate studies

2 minutes

1 & 2 for solo piano (2019) click for video

graduate studies

5 minutes


Mixed Signals click for sound

new video release!

new video release!

late night chill vibes playlist~